Joint Training for Fire Personnel and Law Enforcement

The Cal-JAC is pleased to announce that Unified Response to Violent Incidents (URVI) is now available in an online format through Vector Solutions. This online version of the original course was developed under a grant from Cal OES. URVI Online is available free of charge to all California Fire Departments that utilize Vector Solutions with two hours of CE’s available upon completion.
This online course is intended to be an introductory course for departments that have not taken the classroom version, and a refresher course for those who have. The course prepares local fire service and law enforcement personnel to conduct joint-training classes and exercises for active shooter and other violent incidents. Special emphasis is placed on unified command, EMS care and joint rescue using the Rescue Task Force concept while providing the highest level of service to the public through the cooperative efforts of both Fire and Law Enforcement agencies.
Course Content: The information and best practices identified and specified by FEMA, FIRESCOPE and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation form the core of the course.
Subjects include:
  • History and Lessons Learned
  • Unified Command and Operations
  • Federal, State and Local Guidelines
  • Tactical Considerations
  • Fire and Law Enforcement Terminology
  • PPE/Safety 
  • Ballistics
  • EMS Considerations
To have URVI Online added to your library, contact your Vector Solutions Customer Service Representative and request the course. 
To receive the two hours of CE’s, once your EMT’s and Paramedics have completed the course, have them apply to the Cal-JAC at URVI Online CE Credit and their certificate will be emailed to them.
If you have questions about adding the course to your Vector Solutions library or about receiving the CE's, please contact Taral Brideau, Education and Training Director at