Displaced Firefighters

Fire departments throughout the state of California have a unique opportunity to hire experienced career firefighters.

Due to state and local budget concerns in California, many fully qualified firefighters are at risk of being laid off. Still others at the federal level may face the risk of losing their jobs to military base closures.

However, many other departments are either adding personnel or replacing firefighters lost to retirement.

The California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) has been directed though Government Code §53270, to maintain a list of qualified state and local firefighters who will be or have been terminated in California as a consequence of job elimination.

This list can save the fire department both time and money in the hiring process while allowing professional firefighters to continue in their fire service career.

Hiring From the Displaced Firefighter List

Participating fire departments alert CFFJAC when positions are open and obtain a copy of the list. The department may hire directly from the list or require candidates to submit to usual pre-hiring criteria such as a medical examination, physical ability and written tests as well as an oral interview.

Who Can Apply?

To qualify, for the Displaced Firefighter program the firefighter:

  • Must be/have been a permanent career firefighter in good standing in a California state or local fire department. Civilian federal firefighters whose job was eliminated may also qualify.
  • Must be terminated, or slated for termination, because your job was eliminated.
  • Must have completed all required training as a full-time paid firefighter.

How Do I Apply?

Qualifying firefighters only have to complete the application. Print and complete the attached application. Mail or fax the completed application along with a copy of your position termination notice to:

Displaced Firefighter Hiring List
1780 Creekside Oaks
Sacramento, CA 95833
Fax: (916) 922-0972

Will I Get Hired?

Fire departments may contact you to apply for their department. You are not obligated to take any position offered. If you do not accept a particular job, your name will return to the list without penalty.

Being on the list does not guarantee you will be hired. Firefighters on the Displaced Firefighter List must still meet the minimum qualifications of the fire departments who contact you.

For more information on the displaced firefighter list, please contact us at (916) 648-1717 or email: CALJAC@cpf.org.