Participating Departments

Participating Departments

The Cal-JAC program is a recognized leader in ensuring standardized education and training for front line firefighters in California is the priority.

When departments and their respective labor associations subscribe to the Cal-JAC , they are agreeing to provide their apprentices valuable instruction while meeting the Cal-JAC standards, which parallel the State Board of Fire Services and National Fire Protection Authority standards.

  • For our profession, it means state-of-the-art training built on a solid labor-management collaboration.
  • For departments, it means additional funding to ensure that the next generation of firefighters is well-trained.
  • For firefighters, it means that training is developed that is relevant to their needs and the needs of their community.

Please contact us to find out how the Cal-JAC program can benefit your department.

Current Cal-JAC Participants

Currently, the Cal-JAC has 198 participating departments.

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We would like to welcome the Cal-JAC's newest participating departments:

Calistoga Fire Department