Each participating department establishes a sub-committee (SubJAC) of the statewide Cal-JAC to implement the apprenticeship program in their department. The SubJAC committee is made up of an equal number of members of management and labor, appointed by the Fire Chief and Labor President respectively. 

A sampling of the duties of the SubJAC committee are: 

  • Design and approve apprentice training plans. 
  • Determine apprentice education and/or experience credit.
  • Hear apprentice complaints/appeals when necessary. 

It's important we know when new members are appointed to a departments SubJAC committee.  Please use the forms below to inform us of changes to your departments management or labor committee members. 

SubJAC Management Appointment Form 

SubJAC Labor Appointment Form 

To view the complete SubJAC Handbook click the link below: 
SubJAC Handbook